Soldier Rashguard


Bad Boy Soldier Rash Guard

The Bad Boy Soldier Rash Guard is made with anatomical seams and fast-drying stretch fabric that shapes your body for natural motion, comfort and protection. 

Warm up to face up.

The Bad Boy Soldier Rash Guard features a thick fabric that locks your natural body heat to improve your warm-up.

Ultra-stretched, it brings you a tight fit to help you feeling supported on every move, ready to face all the challenges. 

Move freely.

This Bad Boy Rash Guard benefits from raglan sleeves and flat seams to allow natural range of motion and smooth feeling against your skin. 

Comfortable protection.

Built to withstand the most savage No-Gi fights and workouts, it features a silicon waistband to stay perfectly in place and ensure total protection.

Its fast-drying fabric eases the sweat evacuation to keep you dry and comfortable during high-intensity effort.