Material Shin Guards


Bad Boy Material Shin Guards

The Bad Boy Material Shin Guards are engineered to completely cover shin, insteps and calves in order to provide strategic protection on striking key areas.

Their high-density foam padding protects the shin from crucial bone and muscle damages through an optimal shock absorption while their flat design ensures a perfect striking surface.

Built to enhance your Mixed Martial Arts practice, they benefit from a slick and comfortable neoprene construction for smooth transitions during ground fighting. Ultra lightweight, the Bad Boy Material Shin Guards allows an unrestricted freedom of movements during striking and foot work.

Anatomically moulded, these MMA Shin Guards contour your calves and bring compression benefits to them: muscle support, blood circulation improvement, warm-up speeding up.

Easy to pull on and off, to not waste time during training periods, they deliver a secure maintain without shifting or sliding risk.



  • High density foam for optimal shock absorption
  • Padded shin and instep for strategic protection of key areas
  • Lightweight construction allowing a natural and full range of moves
  • Shift-resistant for smooth transition and superior durability
  • Ultra comfortable neoprene fabric for a perfect fit
  • Pulls on and off with ease without shifting or sliding risk during movements
  • Official Bad Boy printed logos